A Long Walk to the Cross
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                               A labour of love
"A Long Walk to the Cross" began in 2011 when Tim Bergmann and a friend, Bill McAlpine, committed to memorizing the Gospel of Mark.  Tim has memorized several books of the Bible and had already memorized the Nativity verses (found in Matthew and Luke) as well as the Sermon on the Mount, but wanted to complete the story of Jesus by having a Gospel in his heart and mind.   
In the third year of memorizing, Tim began to wonder if there was a way he could share the amazing story as he had been envisioning it in his mind and the idea of a movie took root. 
When he had completed the four year memorizing project, he was convinced that a movie could work.  He met with Val Lieske and Jason Hildebrand and shared his idea with them.  The three of them began to imagine together what the movie could look like.
In June of 2015, Tim began a KickStarter campaign that drew in 74  financial backers and a total of $10,000.  With that money he was able to obtain licences, insurance, rental gear and hire a crew to work with him to get the footage needed. 
They shot for three days in mid-August, 2015 in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada almost entirely at the Canadian Badlands Passion Play site.
For the next three months, Tim edited the movie and wrote the soundtrack.  With editorial consulting from Jeremy Heide and Nathan Horch, he was able to complete the project in December, 2015.
Be carried back 2000 years to the land and events that changed the course of history.
Witness the dramatic portrayal of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in an acoustically superb natural amphitheatre in Drumheller, Alberta.
The project had a great team that worked together seamlessly
to get all the filming, engineering and editing done in a very short period of time.  Each one a gifted, creative artist ready and willing to do whatever needed to be done to ensure a successful final product.