A Long Walk to the Cross
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I think Tim (Bergmann) has presented Mark’s Gospel very well in this production. Jesus’ life and ministry really was a journey and Tim has captured this aspect of the Gospel story very effectively. Mark is also an ‘action’ Gospel and the momentum is kept up through the constant change of location. There are sensitive and poignant moments too, particularly as we reach the climax of Calvary. I fully recommend people watch this - especially as families – as it literally brings to life the familiar message of the greatest story ever told.

Peter Thomas
Director, Capernwray (Torchbearers) Australia

Tim, thank you so much for coming out tonight for the screening of your movie. It was so reviting. I thought 90 minutes of scripture might get a bit dreary but I was so wrong. It was captivating. The filming, photography, details, nuances, and of course the recitation of God's word was amazing. Thank you for making this movie on the Book of Mark

Colleen Sunley Belyea

Your movie, "A Long Walk to the Cross" was a blessing first scene to last! Thank you for glorifying our Lord with your voice. The production of this movie was first class, the scenery is outstanding, the music complimentary, and the story ...the Lord's words are always the best. My prayer is that your ministry will be so blessed through the lives that will be touched from taking that "Long Walk to the Cross". God Bless you for your faithfulness.  
Joy Carlson
We were amazed when you brought Ecclesiastes to life on stage a few years back, memorizing this whole book and turning it into an incredible, powerful monologue. This book is still so vivid to me because I witnessed your presentation...and now the memorization of the Book of Mark too! Incredible footage, scenery - who knew the raw beauty of Alberta could be brought to such heights in a movie... and your humble but powerful voice and presence to bring the story of Christ to life. Will see this integral Gospel in a whole new way from here on in! Wow...no words. Thanks Tim Bergmann for the amazing blessing of this film. Congrats to you and your team!
Irish Maddock
I am incredibly blessed and proud of my friend Tim Bergmann. Thank you for always reminding me that we can reach out and start working towards our dreams... We don't have to wait for them to just appear. I was moved and felt God speaking to me as I processed your art. I love you and am so proud of you and your team!!!  Two moms from the Children’s Club came with me tonight. They were blown away! One is a brand spanking new believer and it was such a joy hearing her talk about her experience of your movie. She said that she prayed tonight that God would help her be able to understand because she is struggling with understanding the Bible. And she was beyond thrilled that it impacted her so clearly and directly. Thank you for your role in moving both their faith journeys along!! I am proud of you, Tim!! Way to go!!
Lisa Congo
Wonderful !
Amazing how you and your team brought scripture to life
Camara work and sound were fantastic!
I love the bird landing on the fence 
Thank you God !
LA Thornton
Absolutely amazing! I was blessed beyond words! Will there be a sequel????
Brenda Maruk
Inspired beyond words …
Dave Cheung
Such an awesome presentation & wonderful to experience it on the big screen. Well done Tim. I know it is & will be a blessing to many who see it.
Lois Weidman
Great job, Tim and crew! That was outstanding last night. An interesting way of taking a fresh look at the book of Mark. What a lot of work and creativity went in to that! I found myself mulling over parts of scripture I'd heard/read 1000 times but had somehow missed. Thank you!
Darlene Hull
We saw the video tonight. It was a nice experience and a blessing watching and listening to you presenting the Gospel of Mark. You have done a wonderful job, Tim. Wish your dad could have seen this. I am sure he would be VERY proud!
Einar Taranger
After watching A Long Walk to the Cross, I realized again how the gospels must have been originally received with total wonder.  Not as a set of chapters and verses to be torn apart for nuggets of insight, but as a story!  A cohesive, epic, captivating story.  Three things hit me afresh as if I were a first century person, probably illiterate, who would have had the story of Jesus read (or recited) to me in one sitting:  one, this is not a myth.  This was never meant to be heard as “once upon a time”, this happened in real history.  Two, this is a fast paced story of mission.  Jesus is working, he is busy, he is motivated and on task, moving inexorably toward his Passion.  Three, this story is totally and completely centered around one person, Jesus.  Hearing Tim recite Mark’s gospel forces you to see how richly this wonderful, astonishing Character dominates the narrative, and forces you to consider again his claim to be the Son of God.  I was artistically delighted by the epic visuals and score, I was spiritually challenged by the passionate recitation, and I will be professionally enriched with a resource that will enhance my Bible teaching in the future.
Rick Thiessen
My friend, you brought me into a journey that has deeply impacted me. Just wow. I could say many things but the thing I'm feeling is a deep connectedness with Christ and a refreshed longing to walk in trust and obedience to HIM every second I have remaining on earth. 
Brent Farquhar
Not everyone can tell a story and not all stories are worth sharing, but Tim Bergmann is a gifted communicator who powerfully delivers the story of all stories.  "A Long Walk To The Cross" is a great way to feel and experience Jesus' journey from baptism to the cross as told by the gospel of Mark.  We were able to watch it from start to finish in one sitting and highly recommend others do the same.  Thanks Tim, Jennifer and the rest of the team!
Jamie Kennedy
I am a man who struggles with reading so when I heard you were going to put a complete book of the Bible, Mark, on video I wanted to be a part of it.  I had no idea what this would be like (after all it’s just one guy reciting scripture and how exciting could that be?!?)   I’ve just finished watching “A Long Walk to the Cross” and BAM!!!!!!  I’ve gone through so much feeling while watching; my ability to actually visualize the words and render them in my mind so that my heart relates to the depth of what Jesus has done for us and to realize at the same time the struggle that those who were so close to Him had and yet still doubted.  This builds many bridges in the “understanding” portion of my mind.  It’s great how you made it your story and yet Christ wrote it through the heart of Mark.  You are blessing many with this work.
D. Bruce Peters
So we were supposed to go to a movie today…you know to a matinee…but the theatre wasn’t open.  So we came home and found your movie in the mail and we watched it instead.  And we were all so impressed!  It was so well done.  I was drawn into the story in a way that was so fresh.  Seeing Jesus walking and talking and loving and teaching and befriending…it felt new again.  And i think that is a big deal.
Amanda Strain
I have read the bible cover to cover for the last 10 plus years so I wasn't sure what my reaction to this movie would be.  I found myself so engaged and moved by hearing the gospel in this simple, powerful way.  The visuals held my attention and drew me deeper into the story...which heard in one piece is amazingly profound.  As a creative teams director for a church, I was also pleased to see the scene selection on the disc was by chapters so it will be easy for me to find and use pieces of this movie to enhance our services (with permission of course :))   I loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone!
Johnna Thiessen
Loved your emphasis, and tone on some of the parts!!  Incredible emotion and ability you had to draw us all in by the smooth way you delivered the stories.
Rhonda Wilson
Even having been raised in the church, and after many Bible studies, there were some verses I  don't completely understand, so I'd be thinking about them.  I'm thinking of watching it again very slowly, 10-15 min episodes and actually studying what it means.
Elizabeth Wetmore
I went to see A Long Walk To The Cross last night with 3 of my GFs and I am so glad we were able to go. Tim, your ability to bring the Scripture to life so vividly and clearly had me mesmerized. It was incredibly well done and I hope others get to see it and it's shown in churches as a special presentation. I loved the personal touch of the envelope with the pictures that you looked at from time to time. You seemed to draw strength from them as you reflected on the health challenges you had and overcame. God Bless you continuously Tim.
Sophia Weaver
Nice work Bergmann! It was so refreshing to breathe in some pure God breath, and get the full impact of the Jesus story as a unified whole. Great cinematography, underscore, editing & sub-context. Loved seeing you in your baby blue wedding suit and your bushman beard:). Thanks for bringing the book of Mark to life in this way. A ton of work, and I'm excited to see what God does with it.
Scott Wiesner