A Long Walk to the Cross
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This project would not have been possible without the faith, trust and investment of a group of people who fronted the capital through a KickStarter Campaign.  
Bruce Peters
Rod and Brenda Conrad
Lois and Harold Weidman
Terence and Carala Jellema
Stefanie and Dennon McSwain
Randy and Donna Carter
Libby Hertzsprung
Murray and Mavis Trask
Ken Trost
Marlin and Shari Jones
Michael and SueAnne Bergmann
Jeff and Kendra Neustaedter
Cam and Jan McCombs
Jorunn Taranger
Cheryl and Al Keay
Jim and Mimi Hogaboam
Bill and Nancy Henry
Maureen and Ted Kehler
Jennifer Bergmann
Lower and Esther Pawliw
Kari and Lewis Hauer
Jerry Diener
Ryan and Brittany Brammer
Don and Virginia Wadge
JR and Tami Duryee 
Maureen and Craig Moody
Tanner Bergmann
Marnie Verge
Jason and Sarah Hildebrand
Brent Farquhar
Jeffrey Thompson
Mike R Shuster
Gerd and Paul Doroshuk
Jeff and Lori Wadge
Britt and Barry Hunchak
Jake Fraser

Val Lieske
Chris and Robyn Carrier
Zach and Christina Ambrock
Rick and Johnna Thiessen
Curt Beatie
Wes and Jennifer Jantz
Dave and Quin Cheung
Myrna and Ken Waddell
Rachel Hernandez
Colleen and Jim Belyea
Harvey and Becky Matchullis
Kathy and Ebert Retana
Kim and Diane Doland
Harvest Hills Alliance Church
Jonathan and Allison Hat
Faye and John Fisher
Lori and Brent Bierwirth
Kevin Chernenkoff
Rod and Karinne Burriss
Laurent Virpi Trabadello
Cheryl Flieger
Karen and Eugene Hartman
Gerry and Ella Braun
Ed Boynton
Jane Ballantine
Leslynn Heerema
Perry and Elizabeth Lochbiller
Joy and Lorenz Berner
Roger Laing
Dennis and Dorris Hansen
Colin and Alexandra Chubachi
Luke Bergmann
Joyce and Sam Tekley
Kirk and Britton Cowman
Norm Sparks
​Lila Siewert
In addition, there were over three hundred people who prayed for the project for several months.  Those prayers were felt and appreciated!